Provita Prolyte Extra 50 x 76g

Provita Prolyte Extra 50 x 76g

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Provita Prolyte Extra 50 x 76g at Camrose Country Hardware. A powder that rapidly rehydrates scouring calves and and promotes probiotic bacteria in the gut.


Provita Prolyte Extra 50 x 76g

Provita Prolyte Extra comes in a bucket of 50, 76g sachets that allow you to treat scouring calves and rapidly rehydrate them. The combination of vitamin B and C with electrolytes which above all is unique. There is also beneficial lactic acids that help relieve the physical effects of stress. In addition,  Glycine is present, an amino acid that helps apply a coat to the gut lining and a natural thickener to optimise the contents of the GI tract. A likewise product to this would be Life-Aid.


When to use:

At the first sign of digestive upset in calves.

Unit size:

Available in 12 x 76 g sachets in a box and 3 kg tubs.

Application per pack:

12 per box or 40 per tub, full course for a calf is up to 4 applications.


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