Swarfega® Powerwash Regular 25L

Swarfega® Powerwash Regular 25L

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Swarfega® Powerwash Regular 25L

Swarfega® Powerwash Regular is a general purpose TFR that can be used on all types of cars and vehicles. A wash that can be used without diluting in water beforehand.

The Powerwash Regular can clean the underneath of the vehicle, such as the engine and the chassis as well as it’s so versatile.

Powerwash is not just power by name. As a result the powerful formula removes all types of grime and dirt from the vehicle by the powerful formula. Therefore this reducing the overall maintenance costs as well as prolonging the life of the equipment.

However there’s no need to worry about causing damage to the glass in the vehicle or damaging the original paintwork. The Swarfega® Powerwash Regular does not contain silicate, hence leaving no etching on the glass or damaging any bodywork.

The Powerwash can be used with both hot and cold washing plants and is environmentally friendly, as with most Swarfega® products. This product will easy biodegrade in sewers, giving you the comfort of not causing harm to the environment.





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