Heiniger Xperience Mains Cattle Clipper

Heiniger Xperience Mains Cattle Clipper

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A powerful and lightweight cordless clipper that uses Lithium-Ion Battery Technology that gives you up to 2 hours of clipping from one battery. Complete with 2 Batteries, charger, spare cutter and comb blades, cleaning brush, screwdriver and special cutter oil, all in a carrier case.

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Heiniger Xperience Mains Cattle Clipper

The Heiniger Xperience Mains Cattle Clipper is a powerful and lightweight clipper. The clipper comes with  spare comb and cutting blade, special clipper oil, screwdriver and  cleaning brush. The mains power gives this clipper constant and high power throughout it’s use. The Xperience clipper is part of the X-Series range and is both ergonomic and quiet. The clipper has more torque than any other comparable product as a result, this is a standout in the market. Air cooling not only directs hair away from the animal and user but also allows for cooling the clipper.

All of this comes with a carrier case to help protect and make ease of carrying around.

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